potential nicknames for michael

  • kitten [he will appreciate this as he wants to be a tiny cat]
  • michael bean [confused appreciation]
  • (hair color followed by ie/y) [ex: blondie, greenie, bluey]
  • cupcake [bc he is sweet and has icing hair]
  • skittles [he will make a joke about u tasting the rainbow]
  • 'smooth moves'
  • memelord

"kitten because he wants to be a tiny cat" nah son he wants to be called kitten because he loves playtime and kinky sex


listen people can talk mad shit about 1d all they want but the truth is they’re talented and hilarious and kind and incredibly successful and they brought me to this freaking blog which has introduced to some of the best people i know and helped me learn to love myself so i guess i’m just really fucking thankful to have them as a part of my life

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what the fuck harry

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